FrSky M9R Throttle Gimbal Red


Super Quick Throttle Response.

  • If you know what a short shifter is, you already understand how this works! 

    This gimbal is for those folks who fly high performance aerobatics or are hanging it all out, flying freestyle. The throttle throw on this gimbal has been reduced to 45°. This allows the pilot to make lightning fast transitions from zero to full throttle and back again quick as a wink.

    • Sold Individually
    Supply Voltage3.0 ~ ±0.5V DC
    Sensitivity2.5 Mv/G
    Linear Output Voltage Range0.1 ~ (VCC +0.1)V
    Quiescent Output(TA = 25°C, B = 0 G) 0.5 x VCC
    Noise (No Load)≤40mVpp
    Throttle Travel45°
    Position SensorHall Effect
    MovementBall Bearing
    Stick TensionAdjustable Spring
    Stick HeightAdjustable