Mibo Dart 3


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The Mibomodeli DART is an outstanding all-purpose glider. it features a one piece wing with ailerons and flaps. The Dart has great potential as a light DS ship, sloper or sport flyer.

  • The Dart is a fully molded sailplane of excellent quality and performance. The HN airfoils are great for high speeds and the wing is equipped with full span flaps and ailerons allowing full trailing edge cambering. The plane is designed to go fast, handle crisply and land slowly. The one piece wing construction is a conventional glass, Herex foam sandwich with carbon spars. The glossy exterior finish is painted in the molds. 

    Mibo recommends using flat wing servos for the ailerons and flaps. The Darts wing is provided with flaperon control surfaces (aileron and flap are one piece). Mibo does this to provide the builder with the option build the Dart with flaperons (lighter) or separate ailerons and flaps(for better control). The wing is made with both aileron and flap servo pockets. If you would like both ailerons and flaps in your build, just cut the flaperon into two between the servo pockets.

    Many builders opt for elevator control only (using 13 mm servo with metal gears), but if you want a rudder, it is easy to cut and make it functional as a live hinge is already laminated in the rudder skin. You will need to add another servo for the rudder, similar to the size used for the elevator. 

    The Dart hardware pack includes; 6 clevis's, 4 fiberglass control horns,wing and tail fasteners and finally fiberglass servo pocket covers. The kit does not include a servo tray or pushrods.

    Our stock of Darts are red and black as pictured above.


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