Mibo Micro Swift

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A fully aerobatic slope rocket.

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  • The Mibo micro Swift is a high performance, molded scale glider. The build quality is very good, the layup is generous, resulting in a strong, capable airframe that does what you ask it to do. The micro Swift is adept to any maneuver you can throw at it, as well as being tough enough to withstand a fair amount of abuse. 

    All of the control surfaces are precut and live hinged, accurate and flutter resistant. The ailerons are independently controlled which allows the use of spoilerons or flaps. The kit comes with a hardware pack consisting of a servo tray, control horns and rods and a large decal sheet. Servo covers, quick connects and a spring loaded canopy release are also included.

    Plane comes in white per photos. Planes with color are customer builds.

    Tail AirfoilsFlate Plate
    Wing Area12.07dm2
    Tail Area1.8dm2
    Empty Airframe Weight350g
    CG 40 - 42mm from the leading edge