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Mibo Mini Terminator

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A fully aerobatic slope flow rider.

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  • The Mini-Terminator or “Mini-T” is a great front side sloper for 1.5 m model racing or sport flying. The modern wing profile in conjunction with the very thin HN (Habe Norbert) airfoils allows the Mini-T to slice through and dance upon the air like a hot boomerang through butter. The mini-T is obedient, acquiescing to the slightest movement of the sticks; resulting in an easy to fly model with exceptional handling capabilities. 

     The Mini-T is hollow molded and constructed in CNC'd molds. The fuselage is laid up primarily of Kevlar and is 2.4 GHz friendly; carbon reinforcements are strategically added in all the right places. The wing skins are molded entirely of spread tow carbon over Herex foam skin cores. Molded, woven carbon wing spars do the heavy lifting. The air-frame is ready to finish out of the box. All surfaces are live hinged with gap seals molded in. A complete hardware kit is provided, all you need to do is install the radio gear. 

    The Mini –T is distinguished by it's 2-piece wing design and unique, removable 2-piece V-tails. The assembled wings have 6 degree of dihedral; wide chord flaps and ailerons provide outstanding soaring capability. The V-tail servos are located in the tails themselves and if equipped with electrical root plugs, are very convenient to assemble and disassemble. The two-piece wing and removable tails allow the mini-T to break down into a small easily transportable package; smaller than all other 1-piece wing 1.5m models. 

     The Mini-T performs like a larger ship. The Mini-T's fuselage has plenty of room for a ballast tube and the wing strength to carry it. Take the Mini-T to the slope on a big day, load ballast and launch for a screaming good time!

    Conversely, if you want to fly it electric, the Mini-T fuselage is roomy enough for an ESC, motor and 2000+ mAh 4cell Lipo. 

    Here's a link to a build thread on RC Groups

    AirfoilHN 7.4%
    Tail AirfoilsHN 8%
    Wing Area22 dm2
    Tail Area4.35 dm2
    Empty Airframe Weight580g
    CG 75 - 78mm from the leading edge