Micro Slow Stick

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A hoot to fly, like it's larger sibling.

  • A fun and relaxing backyard flyer that has similar flight characteristics to the original slow stick.

    Like the Slow Stick, the Micro Slow Stick is a very good beginner plane when it is built light.

    Super slow flying speeds are the main reason these planes are such good trainers. Slow speeds give you time to think, time to react and time to correct mistakes. If you are a beginner and want to learn on this plane, build it as light as possible. Keeping the weight down, is after all, what makes it fly slow. 

    Once you have learned the basics, you have the option to modify. Weight is not as critical as it was while you were learning. You can add weight now in the form of modifications that are a whole bunch of fun; not to mention they enrich your understanding of model aviation. 

    What modifications you say? We have seen aileron mods, bi-plane mods, twin boom mods, float mods, custom wings, larger motors, higher capacity batteries, you name it. Just google, micro slow stick mods to see some very creative ideas that can help you reinvent your Slow Stick.

    Available in red only.



    Wing Span26.3in (670mm)
    Wing Area167 sq in. (10.8sq dm)
    Length27.5in (700mm) 
    Flying Weight7.4~8.1oz 210~230g