Mini FOX-G2 1.2m by Cassiopeia

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Aerobatic, Speedy, and Precise.

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  • Introducing the Mini FOX-G2 produced by Japanese manufacturer Cassiopeia. 

    The Mini FOX-G2  is a light, well constructed, scale sailplane that flies as well as it looks! Modeled after the actual Red Fox stunt glider, this 1.2 meter ship cleanly slices through the air, is capable of fairly high speeds and precision maneuvers (See video below). It behaves like a larger plane, handling bumps and burbles with grace. We like that this model was designed with landing wheels so we don't have to worry about belly landing it on tar, concrete and the like.

    How is it made?

    The Mini FOX-G2  sports a lightweight fully sheeted balsa wing and a 2.4gHz friendly fiberglass fuselage construction. The fuselage is painted after the molding process; this hides the unsightly mold parting lines giving the ship a more scale appearance. The wings are fully sheeted making the Mini FOX-G2 tougher than film over open rib wing designs. The Mini FOX-G2 sports ailerons and a balsa stabilizer and rudder. The ailerons are controlled by independent servos allowing extra features to be mixed in such as flaperons and spoilers. The servo pockets are precut and the control surface hinges are pre-installed. The plane can be built with or without an electric power system. 

    The entire unit feels good in the hand, not too soft or flexy, and light as a feather. Something to keep in mind is to keep this plane as light as possible when fitting it out. Lighter equals better performance and better crash survivability. 

    In the small bits department the kit comes with control horns, carbon wing joiner, a pair of hooks and a spring for retaining the wings. Laser cut from ply are the servo tray, control horns, motor mount, and parts to make the wheel mounts and fuselage stiffeners for the wing joiner tube.  An assembly manual (with decal set) is included. The manual is written in Japanese but has clear pictures that will guide all but the newest builders to a successful outcome. 

    Span1245mm (49.02in)
    Length695mm (27.3in)
    Wing Area12.7dm2 (203.1in2)
    All Up Weight270~300g (9.5~10.5oz) Glider // 470~510g (16.5~17.9oz) Electric 
    Motor150~200w approx
    No of Servos4
    ControlsAil, Rud, Ele,
    Battery3s 800mAh approx (electric drive)