Mini Mach Sport Glider Carbon Version

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A swift and capable, composite glider from Sanda Models.

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  • Sanda Models is a European manufacturer that has been producing competition models exclusively for nearly two decades.

    We are pleased to announce that the Mini Mach line of gliders has been improved. Working closely with Sanda, we have been able to make a couple of changes to the Mini Mach. 

    Firstly, Sanda has generously agreed to install the ball link control horns in the V-tails during manufacturing. Installing the ball links was definitely the hardest step in assembling the plane and now we no longer need to worry about it. The other major change was moving the flap hinge from the top, of the wing to the bottom. This allows the servo linkage geometry to  pull the flap down to 90° without resorting to cutting the wipers or the other modifications that we needed to do with the previous generation.

    The Mini Mach Carbon Sport is slippery, nimble and can handle some G's out of a dive. The MMC wing is molded from carbon and fiberglass and the spars are reinforced with 12 carbon rovings, type 1600 TEX.  In between the layers of fiberglass and carbon is a layer of herex foam which separates the inner and outer wing skins giving them their high stiffness and resistance to torsional loads. The fuselage is molded from fiberglass and reinforced with carbon tow in high stress areas. This results in a light airframe that is stiff but reasonably flexible.

    An excellent, molded composite glider.

    • Span: 1670mm
    • Length: 1000mm
    • Airfoil: HN1037
    • Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder 
    • V - Tail
    • Servos Recommended: Wing - (4) KST DS135MG  Fuse - (2) KST X08H (For a lighter build you can use X08 servos in the wing.)

    Please email us for color availability.

    Airfoil HN-1037
    Wingspan 65.74" / 1670mm
    Wing Area -
    Length 39.36" / 1000mm
    Empty Weight 17.46oz / 495 grams
    RTF Weight From24.69oz / 700 grams
    Recommended Setup


    • Wings: KST DS125 MG
    • Fuselage: KST DS145 MG


    • 2.87" / 73mm from Leading Edge