MKS HV69 Wing Servo - 10.2 kg (141.7 oz/in), 0.10 sec - Wide Voltage

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MKS HV69 Wing Servo

  • The MKS HV69 servo is a well priced high performance servo with excellent torque and speed. At 13 mm thick it is suitable for mounting in the fuselage or in thicker wings and tails. 

    It is supplied with very useful wing mounting brackets which allow it to be mounted easily horizontally as a wing servo, in addition to conventional mounting.

    Output shaft is the larger 6mm 25 spline.

    Specs :

    Spline Size6mm 25 Tooth
    Dead Band0.001ms (Default)
    Control System+Pulse Width
    Working Frequency1520µs / 333HZ
    Operating Voltage3.7~8.2VDC (1s~2s LiPo)
    Operating Temperature Range-10° ~ 60°C  (14° ~ 140°F)
    Operating Speed 4.8V0.17 sec/° no load
    Operating Speed 6V0.13 sec/° no load
    Operating Speed 7.4V0.11 sec/° no load
    Operating Speed 8.4V0.10 sec/° no load
    Stall Torque 4.8V6.0kg-cm / 83.3oz-in
    Stall Torque 6V
    7.50kg-cm / 104.2oz-in
    Stall Torque 7.4V
    9.20kg-cm / 127.8oz-in
    Stall Torque 8.4V10.2kg-cm / 141.7oz-in
    Motor TypeCoreless
    Potentiometer Direct Drive
    Bearing Type2x Ball Bearings
    Gear MaterialMetal Alloy
    Dimensions29x13x28.7mm / 1.14x.51x1.13in
    Weight21g / .74oz