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N2 Brushless RPM Sensor for N2 MiniHub


The Brushless RPM sensor for use with the N2 Industries MiniHub or MiniHub+. 

  • The brushless motor RPM sensor is for use with the N2 Industries MiniHub or MiniHub+. It detects the voltage changes at two of the three motor wires of a brushless motor and calculates the RPM. It is suitable for most brushless motors.

    Normal servo extensions can be used to place the sensor as needed for your particular application.

    Includes detailed instructions.

    Operating Voltage 3.5 - 8.4v (from receiver) 2s Lipo compatible
    Current Consumption 1mA - 5mA
    RPM Range 1000 -300,000 (with 2 pole brushless motor, number decreases with the increase of magnetic poles)