OpenTX installation Service

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Available for the Horus X10 and X12. 

Installation requires an SD card. Sold separately.
  • If you are considering purchasing a Horus X10 or X12 but would prefer to use the OpenTX operating system, we can install OpenTX on your radio before shipping it out. 

    The installation fee does not include the cost of the SD card that is required for OpenTX operation. There are links below that will take you to our SD card pages.

    Conversely, if you already own a Horus X10 or X12 you can send your radio to us for the OpenTX installation. You can provide your own SD card or purchase one from us.

    The listed fee for this service does not include shipping fees. If you are sending your radio to us for the OpenTX installation you will need to pay shipping "to" and "from" Aloft Hobbies.