Plane Quiver 70 TD / F3F

Protect your valuable plane, as well as making it easier to carry and store.

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  • After almost a year of R&D I am happy to introduce the Plane Quiver 70" TD. This is the first Quiver designed specifically for cross tail airframes.


    •  Dimensions 70" x 16" (Inside Dimensions)
    •  Three 1/2" Padded Wing Compartments
    •  NEW Removable Fuse Sock
    •  Large Stab Pocket
    •  Light Weight / Durable Material
    •  ID Pocket

    The Plane Quiver 70"TD is designed to accommodate large cross tail TD ships with large tail fins. The most unique innovation with this Quiver is the Removable Fuse Sock which is fully padded and is positioned under the wing panels. Traditional bags for TD planes place the fuse on the same level as the wings and this increases the chance of damage. With the Plane Quiver 70" TD the wings and fuse are separated so everything is protected. No other glider bag on the market offers this type of design to provide high level protection without adding bulk or weight to the bag. All Plane Quivers have the same high quality construction. We are committed to providing the highest quality products for reasonable prices.