Plane Quiver PQII 80

Protect your plane. Introducing plane quiver 80.

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  • This thing is awesome! Almost big enough to sleep in, this bag has plenty of room and is very well made.  

     Plane Quiver II 80" - Has become the standard in high quality sailplane bags. The PQII 80" is our most popular sized quiver and will accommodate most airplane wing configurations. Extremely durable construction with unmatched quality.


    • ID Window
    • Added additional stab pocket so each PQII with have two stab pockets.
    • Added two separators so now each bag has a total of four padded separators which will provide six full length sections to store one, two and three piece wing configurations.
    • Reinforced the hangers with a double stitched patch and also made the strap pre-looped so it is much easier to hang and you do not have to struggle keeping the loop open when hanging.
    • New lightweight design without sacrificing durability and quality.

    All of these bags have the same high quality construction. We are committed to providing the highest quality products for reasonable prices.

    Plane Quiver II Features:

    Plane Quiver II has been re-designed to a more traditional style with the same high quality as the original. These bags are designed to protect and transport two 3 meter sailplanes or up to four 60" wings. They have been designed to be flexible, functional and durable while providing protection for your valuable sailplanes.

    Unique Features:

    • Built in Fuse Sock on top of the quiver to eliminate the possibility of dragging the tail fins on the ground during transport.
    • Extra width has been added if you choose to stuff more than the recommended two planes.
    • Storage: You can hang the wings and fuses together.


    Outside: 80" Length, 13" Height 6-8" Width
    Inside: 79 " Length, 11.5 Height 6-8" Width