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Power HD 1201MG Metal Gear Servo - 13.2 kg (183 oz in), .14/sec

Power HD 1201MG Metal Gear Servo - 13.2 kg (183 oz in), .14/sec


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Power HD 1201MG Metal Gear Servo - 13.2 kg (183 oz in), .14/sec

Quick Overview

Power HD has packed this servo with lots of power. With 13.2 kg-cm of power, and good speed, this is a go to servo for high stress jobs!

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The Power HD HD-1201MG is a robust servo that brings all the features without the big price. They start with a quality motor, join it to a metal gear set supported by 2 bearings.

These servos have proven themselves fast, strong, and accurate. Popular on large scale planes, pitcheron gliders and in R/C car steering applications.

Additional Information

Servo Type Analog
Gear Type Metal
Stall Torque 12.2 Kg/cm at 4.8V, 13.2 Kg/cm at 6V
Speed 0.16 sec / 60 degree at 4.8V, 0.14 sec / 60 degree at 6V
Voltage Rating 4.8V - 6.0V
Dimensions 40.7mm X 20.5mm X 39.5mm
Weight 56 grams
  1. Update on hd1201 review by Joe on 5/12/2014

    I would like to leave a update on my 1201 problem. I wondered if a fully charged 6v nimh battery was to strong for the servo.(I have heard this can cause some servos to jigger). So I charged the pack, it topped off at 7.02v and the 3 other 1201s worked perfectly,no problems at all. I thought I would post my findings just incase anybody wondered if that was my problem.
    I would also like to say that after e-mailing Alofthobbies with my problem Wayne e-mailed me right back and told me to send the defective servo back to him. Then sent a replacement servo back to me immediately without question ! Thanks Wayne its great to see a company stand by the products they sell ! I give 5 stars to Alofthobbies and there customer service ! ! !

    Thanks Joe

  2. servo shorted out on me ! review by Joe on 4/29/2014

    Hi I bought 4 of the hd 1201mg servos back in january. I finely got to use one yesterdayI put one in my 60 size ugly stick. I used it as a single servo aileron set up. I was flying with my Taranis radio and receiver and a 6v nimh battery. My first flight was fine i had no problems(had a good landing to) When I took off on my second flight the plane started spining as soon as it lifted off the ground. I had control of all seros but my 1201 it turned all the way one way and stopped (locked up would not move). Unfortunatey the plane is a total lose ! When I walked up on the plane I could see smoke coming out of the 1201 servo where the wires come out of case when i unpluged the servo the smoke stopped. When I got home I opened the servo to see the wires melted to the small curcuitboard inside. All the wire ends seemed to be connected, so I am not sure what caused the short !
    With that said I have 3 more servos that I have been running on the workbench and seem to be fine but I am going to have a hard time trusting them in a plane if you know what I mean.
    Well I don`t know what to think am I the unlucky guy that got the one defective servo or are there other people out there who has run into problems with these servos I would love to know.
    thanks Joe E.
    Note - Please send them back for a full refund. - Wayne

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