Power HD 1235MG Servo - 40 kg/cm (555 oz/in), 0.18 sec - High Voltage

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Very torquey and high voltage capable.

  • The HD 1235MG is a great choice for 1/4 scale planes, ground based vehicles or other applications that require high torque.

    The 1235MG outputs 555 ounce inches of torque when running at 7.4V, but be warned this servo will draw 9 amps of current in a stalled condition. An adequate power distribution system is a must.

    On the inside, this servo sports a full metal gear train with dual ball bearings supporting the output shaft. Position control duties are handled via digital electronics.


    Torque @ 6.0V
    35.0 kg-cm (486.06 oz/in) 
    Torque @ 7.4V
    40.0 kg-cm (555.50 oz/in)
    0.20 sec (6.0V) / 0.18 sec (7.4V)
    Operating Voltage
    6.0 ~ 7.4 DC Volts
    178g / 6.2oz
    Bearing Type
    Ball Bearing x 2
    Motor Type
    DC Brushed
    Gear Type
    Operating Temperature
    Working frequency
    1520μs / 333hz
    Dimensions59.5 x 29.5 x 55.0mm / 2.34 x 1.16 x 2.17 in