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  • Lithium Ion - Individual Cells

    Individual Lithium Ion cells for use in transmitters or for building battery packs.
  • Lipo Flight Packs

    Let's face it, we have all tried the cheap packs, but they never hold up. We will not sell packs like that. That is why we sell Tattu batteries by Gensace. Gensace offers a wide range of cell sizes, C ratings, and pack sizes. Best of all, they are honest, they do not overrate their cells. You will get the performance you are paying for. We have been extremely happy with these packs, and we are sure you will be too.

    If you don't see the size you need, please contact us, chances are we can get it for you very quickly. 
  • Receiver Packs

    We have our NiMH packs made specially for us, direct from the battery manufacturer. This guarantees the freshest cells and packs made the way you would make them yourself. The key ingredients are high value cells with welded tabs double shrink wrapped and short high quality wire to a gold plated plug. 

    When possible we select Low Self Discharge (LSD) cells to build our packs from. We have found these to be very reliable and offer a very long life span. Charge these cells at least 2 times a year and you should have a very long life from them. Typically they will hold a charge for about 9 months.

    We have added a few small lipo packs to our listing here. These are sizes that are popular for powering receivers for glider applications. We are always looking for long, skinny packs for this use.