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We offer a nice range of motors to fit most applications.

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  • DualSky

    We brought in the Dualsky line of motors because they are well designed the build quality is very good and they have been reliable.

  • Emax BL Series

    The Emax BL series motors offer high temperature magnets for higher efficiency and additional power. Silicon steel flux ring lowers energy consumption. Motor is accurately CNC machined resulting in smoother and quieter operation. Bearings are made of high temperature and high carbon steel.

    The BL series are solid performers with very good pricing. Like all things Emax, you are backed by a full product warranty. 

  • Emax CF Series

    The Emax CF series is a nice economical motor. Popular for combat, trainers and general abuse.
  • Emax GT Series

    The Emax GT series of motors are a great value. These motors are robust with oversized shafts and top quality build. We have been very pleased with these motors.
  • Emax MT & RS Series

    Originally intended for multirotors, these popular motors have been used in many different applications from small boats to many fixed wing aircraft.
  • Emax XA Series

    The Emax XA series are 27.9mm diameter motors, a nice 400 class motor. We offer 3 different Kv classes to meet your needs.

  • Mega

    Megas' 16 and 22 series inrunner motors were originally designed to replace  the 400/600 class brushed can motors from the early days of electric flight.  Mega has been around for a long time and have built a reputation on quality, power and reliability.