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  • DualSky

    Dualsky offers very high quality products with very fair prices. We have been a fan of the Dualsky line for many of the fixed wing motors they offer. We like a company that is willing to make very specialized motors to fit customer's needs. Check out the line, we think you will find some really cool motors and features to their electronics.

  • PowerUp

    PowerUp's line of ESC's incorporate ARM 32 bit processors which result in a very smooth linear throttle response. Automated startup algorithms combined with adaptive motor timing help to prevent the motor cogging and synchronization issues that sometimes exist between certain motor ESC combinations. Need to change motor direction? No problem; during startup mode (see instructions) turn the propeller in the desired direction of rotation and wait for an audio confirmation from the ESC. Once the confirmation has been given give the propeller a second spin in the desired direction and presto chango, the ESC reverses direction without having to switch motor wires.