AT-V1 Sensor Hub by Advanced Telematix

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The AT-V1 Sensor Hub by Advanced Telematix works with the FrSky Smart Port based receivers and transmitters running Open TX . It offers an RPM sensor as well as 2 temp and 3 voltage sensors.

The AT-V1 Sensor Hub works with transmitters running OpenTx and allows you to see RPM (Tachometer), 2 temperatures, 3 voltages. A third temperature sensor port can be activated with a firmware update.

Advanced Telematix brings us another great tool for the FrSky Smart Port sensor family. This time it is much more than just a single use item. The AT-V1 allows you to monitor RPMs via a wide range of sources. Just add on the best option for your applications. RPM sensors are available for brushless motors, fuel ignition systems with tachometer leads, optical and IR. If that was not enough, you can also add 2 temperature sensors. The AT-V1 comes with two tiny probes you can actually place inside your brushless motor, or inside the shrink tube of an electronic speed controller or crimp it into one of the spark plug loops to make a cylinder head temperature sensor. Advanced Telematix did not stop here as you can also add up to 3 external voltage sensors (FrSky FBVS style). 

For information about using the AT-V1 with spark ignition systems, please see this blog.  (Click Here)

We have setup a discussion thread for this sensor on our forum and have instructions and firmware there.  (Click Here)

Note: Normal servo extensions can be used to lengthen any sensor leads.

Kit includes - AT-V1 Sensor Hub, Two high accuracy thermistors, Two crimp-on spark plug loops.

Instructions for the AT-V1:






AT-V1 Sensor Hub by Advanced Telematix
AT-V1 Sensor Hub by Advanced Telematix
AT-V1 Sensor Hub by Advanced Telematix
AT-V1 Sensor Hub by Advanced Telematix