Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF

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Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
Joy F5J Glider 2.5m ARF
This is the ARF version of the Joy. At the time of this writing the Joy is available in two different graphics, Smiley Face and Slingshot. See the labeled pictures above to help you make your selection.
The ARF version of the Joy saves the builder a great deal of time. The installation is done professionally and the craftsmanship is excellent. Here's a list of what has been installed at the factory.
  • Control surface horns; all surfaces 
  • Pull springs for the rudder and elevator
  • Pull spring cables R & E
  • Servos and tray for rudder and elevator (KST A08 x 2)
  • Wing servos; ailerons and flaps (top drive) KST A08H x 4
  • Complete control system wiring harness; receiver ready
The builder will need to install the motor mount (included) and the power system of their choice. See power system recommendations below. 

    The Joy is a brand new F5J glider released at the end of 2021 by HQ Composites. The Joy has a 2.5 meter span and is constructed similar to a DLG; ie. very light and stiff. Transportation is made easier via the 2 piece wing and removable horizontal stabilizer and rudder. The essence of this design is the combination of a low drag fuselage and AG-series airfoils. The quality of materials, and the craftsmanship are both excellent.

    The Joy flys exceptionally well and of course, thermals like nobody's business. Let's just say, this plane like it's namesake has been bringing joy to people across the globe.

     Here is a build thread that contains a lot of building information as well as some starting points for control system setup. That thread can be found here.  


    •  Lightweight airframe including an NPX-foam core wing. Can build as light as 615g.
    • Low drag fuselage with two access hatches – a traditional hatch in the front and an extra one under the wing.
    • The single-piece fuselage is both light and strong and will accommodate up to a 28mm diameter motor.
    • High aspect ratio polyhedral wing that has great performance in weak thermals and on high speed runs while returning from downwind.
    • Ballast tube pockets in both wings allow adding weight to the glider when needed. The wing breaks downs into 2 halves.
    • Pull-cable & torsion spring system for the tail controls reduces weight on the tail.
    • Fully removable tails. The model breaks down to a 1.30m long box for transportation or storage.


    • Joy F5J Specifications
    • Wing span 2.5 m 98 in
    • Wing area 39.6 dm2 614 sq in
    • Length incl spinner 126 cm 49.4 in
    • Flying weight from 675 g 23.8 oz
    • Wing loading 17.0 g/dm 5.6 oz/sq ft
    • Aspect ratio 15.7
    • Wing airfoil AG series mod
    • Dihedral 5.5º
    • Spinner Diameter 32 mm
    • Centre of Gravity 72-78 mm from wing leading edge
    • Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flap, throttle

    Recommended Control System Parts:

    32mm diameter spinner
    CF folding prop
    28mm dia outrunner
    7ch Rx

     Recommended Drive Systems: 

    • 3S LiPo Pack ~800mAh
    • Prop: 10×6;
    • Motor: 2830 ~1200kv outrunner ESC: 30A+
    • 2S LiPo Pack ~1000mAh
    • Prop: 12×6
    • Motor: 2836 ~1500kv outrunner
    • ESC: 35A+

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    A Aloft Hobbies Customer
    I recommend this product

    I love my Joy.

    Fly it every weekend. Best F5J on the market. Whoever designed this model thought of every aspect of assembly in the field. It is a breeze to assemble....none better. I've had them all, got rid of them all. This is the only one I've kept and will keep. Thinking of buying one for my wife.....