FrSky Xact D5701 2.3Kg (31.9 oz in), 0.09 sec - 6.5g

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A high performance servo for DLGs, F3K or whatever small model application you have in store, telemetry capable too!

FrSky presents the Xact D5701 servo, ready for any F3K, DLG or any other application where you need an ultra light, ultra compact, ultra thin yet high torque, high voltage servo.

Inside the 6mm thick CNC machined Aluminum case is a set of all metal gears, spun by a coreless motor for quicker response and riding on ball bearings while a Hall Effect sensor keeps track of position. It is able to run on 3.7 to 6.0V, with exceptional torque and speed across the board. It can also run on 8.4V like its brother, the HV5701 though the HV5701 has slightly better efficiency at high voltages.

But that's not all, FrSky has incorporated telemetry sensors built right into the servo! They work with any FrSky F-Port 2.0 capable receiver and measure real time current draw and input voltage. You can also configure range of motion, direction and more via your radio's LUA script and perform firmware updates through your radio's SmartPort.



Servo Type Digital, High Voltage
Gear Type Metal
Motor Type Coreless
Stall Torque

1.4Kg-cm (19.4 oz-in) @3.7V
1.8Kg-cm (24.9oz-in) @4.8V
2.3Kg-cm (31.9 oz-in) @6.0V
Speed 0.16sec/60°@3.7V
Spline  4mm, 15T
Voltage Range 3.7-8.4V 1s-2s LiPo
Dimensions 20.2x6x23mm
Weight 6.5g


FrSky Xact D5701 2.3Kg (31.9 oz in), 0.09 sec - 6.5g
FrSky Xact D5701 2.3Kg (31.9 oz in), 0.09 sec - 6.5g
FrSky Xact D5701 2.3Kg (31.9 oz in), 0.09 sec - 6.5g