ASW 17 4.44m by FW Models

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ASW 17 4.44m by FW Models
ASW 17 4.44m by FW Models
ASW 17 4.44m by FW Models
ASW 17 4.44m by FW Models

Please note that this aircraft is special order only and the price is only a rough estimate, please contact us if interested to configure the plane to your desires and calculate the final price.

FW Models' 1:4.5 scale ASW 17 is a robust and versatile airframe that can can circle slowly in thermals, yet liven up at speed for high energy aerobatics. It can be winched up, towed, powered by a Ceflix 250 or Jettec 70 Retractable EDF unit or even set up with a folding prop.

This video really shows what the FW Models ASW 17 is capable of, and this is the standard wing:

How does it do with lighter lift? Glad you asked:

Technical Specifications:

 Wingspan 4440mm
Fuselage Length 1670mm
Takeoff Weight under 5 - 5.5kg
Airfoil 10%


Suggested servos: 8x KST X10 (2x ailerons, 4x flaps, 1x elevator, 1x rudder, 1x tow release) 1x KST X10 710 (1x rudder)


  • High-strength full CFRP 3-flap wing with gap-free linkage
  • Very stable surface, no more dents during transport
  • Wings prepared for cross linkage
  • 15 x 40 mm CFRP square connector on the main connector
  • Hull reinforcement with UD-Cfk in the entire tube area
  • Wing locking with M4 screw connection, already installed
  • Color stability thanks to UV-resistant two-component paint RAL 9003 - no more yellowing and good repair options
  • GfK fuselage back painted, no seam visible!

There are many options for this airframe. You can go with the standard kit with the stock wing, or have a wide range of power options or upgrade to the massively strong "hard" wing option that is 100% carbon, no sandwich material. (The high speed video above was the stock wing, and is suggested you upgrade to the HARD option for that type of flying.) Send us an email and we can discuss the many options on this airframe!

A bit about FW:

Frank und Waldenberger GmbH has been in existence for 25 years and is currently under the management of Pascal Heil and Matthias Paul. They bring many years of experience in model building, as well as man-carrying aircraft construction.

FW-Models attaches great importance to high-quality, everyday airplanes with the latest profiles. Most of their models are built as full carbon versions in series production and the fuselage seam is painted on all models after molding.

Manufacturing techniques range from vacuum technology, hand laminate to the production of visible carbon parts in the autoclave. They use their autoclave for maximum composite performance. They combine hobby, knowledge, passion and profession, that's what FW-Models by Pascal Heil and Matthias Paul stands for.