Horejsi Q12x 2 Meter

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Horejsi Q12x 2 Meter
Horejsi Q12x 2 Meter
Horejsi Q12x 2 Meter
Horejsi Q12x 2 Meter
Horejsi Q12x 2 Meter
Horejsi Q12x 2 Meter
Horejsi Q12x 2 Meter

Velvety smooth feel, majestic in the air and visually stunning as only high aspect ratio planes can be!

Those of you who fly DLG's may be intrigued by this plane. In short what we have here is a 500 to 600 gram, 2 meter electric with separate flaps and ailerons. 

The construction is very similar to, but slightly more robust than a DLG. The matt surface finish on the parts is quite good and to be honest we're not sure how they do it.

The Q12x's wing profiles are derived from the same AG foil sections that Mark Drela designed and used for his Supra. The AG foils provide exceptional performance in thermals as well as sink. The wing features a slight polyhedral as well as independent ailerons and flaps allowing full wing, camber, reflex, crow etc.

If you would like more information you can study this build thread on RC Groups. Start with post 124.


LENGTH 1210mm (47.6 inches)
AIRFOIL AG 40,41,42,43
WINGSPAN 2000 mm (78.75in)
RTF WEIGHT .5kg ~ .6kg (17.6 – 21.2oz)
CONTROLS Aileron, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle
CONSTRUCTION Fiberglass / Carbon / over Foam Cores, Glass over Foam Tails, Unidirectional Carbon / Glass Boom, Kevlar / Carbon Hybrid Pod
  • Motor: 28x26mm 1900kv brushless (approx.)
  • ESC: 30-40 amp 
  • Prop: 9x4.7 on 2s
  • All servos: 6 x KST X08 / HD 47 o.k.
  • Battery: 1200mAh - 2s