KST MS725 Servo - 20Kg (277oz in), .07 sec - High Voltage

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Great for entry level Heli aerobatics; Perfect for large scale gliders and aircraft with combustion engines.

No more scratchy, sketchy potentiometers. Hall effect sensors are taking their place. Many of the glitches and quirks we experience from standard servos are due to the potentiometers becoming dirty or just worn out. So here we have the MS-725 with its hall effect sensor and a carefully aligned magnet taking the place of the potentiometer. With this no contact, position sensing system we are a step closer to the day when sketchy, twitchy, double centering servos, will be no more. Hall effect sensors are also far less susceptible to vibration making them ideal for aircraft utilizing internal combustion engines.

Reliability and precision are the name of the game with these alloy cased, hardened steel geared, double ball bearing, digital, coreless motor servos. With a 20kg.cm torque rating (@8.4V) the MS-725 is appropriate for many high demand uses including larger high speed gliders, 550 and 600 class helicopters and sport planes.

Side Note: These servos have a 25 tooth spline and DO fit our 25 tooth alloy arms. 

Nominal Operating Voltage 7.4VDC
Operating Voltage Range 6.0~8.4VDC
Torque @ 6.0V 15Kg (208oz)
Torque @ 7.4V 18Kg (249oz)
Torque @ 8.4V 20Kg (277oz)
Speed @ 6.0V 0.09sec/60°
Speed @ 7.4V 0.08sec/60°
Speed @ 8.4V 0.07sec/60°
Operating Frequency 1520µs/333Hz
Dimensions 40.5x20x38mm
Weight 67g
Motor Coreless
Position Sensor Hall Effect
Output Bearings Dual Ball Bearing
KST MS725 Servo - 20Kg (277oz in), .07 sec - High Voltage
KST MS725 Servo - 20Kg (277oz in), .07 sec - High Voltage