Preloaded SD Cards for FrSky Transmitters

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All the files needed to easily update your FrSky transmitter.

By popular request we offer SD cards with all of the files needed for FrSky radios equipped with OpenTX or Ethos. Ethos versions include current Ethos release and audio files. Below is information about the OpenTX versions:

Plug this card into your FrSky transmitter and instantly have the current OpenTx 2.x.x files, for updating, and a high quality voice pack without having to separately purchase a card; download and write the appropriate files to it in the correct locations. We are offering these cards as a convenience item to our customers.

Included on the SD card is a copy of the most current OpenTx firmware. Just choose your Transmitter model from the drop down list above to order.

This makes upgrading the firmware in your radio very easy, follow these instructions and watch the video below! (for a similar product, but the same basic steps)

NOTE; If you are running older versions of the firmware you may need to update through the major versions with OpenTx Companion.

Not for changing operating systems. Only for updates.

At this time we only offer the FCC version preloaded OpenTx SD Card.

The files and voice pack are loaded on 1GB or larger cards. 


----Radio OFF----

1. Insert the card 

2. Power up the radio

3. Hold the SYSTEM (or MENU) button for a couple seconds

4. Page to the SD Card page 

5. Scroll to FIRMWARE, hit enter

6. Scroll to the file and hold enter to select

7. Select Flash Bootloader and hit enter.

8. When finished shut off the radio

9. Start the radio in Bootloader mode. (Hold the rudder and aileron trims toward the center of the radio while powering up the radio)

10. Choose Write Firmware and hit enter

11. Choose the file and hit enter

12. Hold enter to flash the firmware to the radio

13. When writing complete appears hit enter

14. Scroll to Exit and hit enter

15. The radio will start up with the new firmware installed. 

You are FINISHED !!!


This video is for reference only. The process will be mostly the same, but the firmware version will be the most current.

Preloaded SD Cards for FrSky  Transmitters