Quantum 2 DP F3F/F3B with IDS installed

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Quantum 2 DP F3F/F3B with IDS installed
Quantum 2 DP F3F/F3B with IDS installed
Quantum 2 DP F3F/F3B with IDS installed
Quantum 2 DP F3F/F3B with IDS installed

The Quantum 2 DP was created in collaboration with Dirk Pflug and Pierre Rondell. According to Dirk, the objective was not to replace the original Quantum, but to set slightly different priorities: Thus, the glide ratio with neutral flap was improved in the speed range of 20-40 m/sec, which is important for F3F competition slope flying. At the same time, the stall characteristics have been improved again, in order to be able to fly even more safely through tight F3F turns, especially at high flying weights. These changes are especially noticeable when flying with negative camber of approx. -1 degree: In this case, the glide ratio and the climb rate are always higher than the original Quantum at all speeds and weights. The sink rate is lower at all speeds, whereby this is particularly pronounced in the speed range of 35-50 m/sec.

A new feature is that the speeds of 50-70 m/sec. have been given greater consideration. Even though these are not usually reached in F3F competition, but only in a vertical descent from more than 300 m, they should also be improved. In the Alps, it is not uncommon to fly from these heights, so the fun factor has been increased again.

To summarize the main changes: New wing shape with less sweptback and a bit more rounded wing tip, a complete set of 5 new airfoils along the wing, new tail airfoil, slimmer fuselage, but the visual identity of the Quantum is kept.

What we keep in inventory at Aloft: (special orders available for your needs)

Fully carbon molded wings in double c80 carbon cloth. The sturdy fuselage is mostly glass in the nose for RF transmission and transitions to glass / carbon from the wing fairings aft. A massive wing joiner (13 x 35 x 358mm) handles the G-Loading and also has room inside for brass ballast (included).

Comes with wing bags, a full ballast set (approx 2 kilos )including a spacer set that allows mixing and matching ballast bars and spacers for different all up weights. Pre-installed IDS control system and wiring harness in the wings;  The builder just needs to install the servos and the wings are done. The story is much the same for the fuselage. The push rods for the v-tail are pre-made. The wiring harness is pre-installed (6 pin connectors), as well as the servo tray. A pre-installed tow hook and v-tails that are ready to slip onto the fuse. All of the tedious work has been done for you!

The wing servo LDS system is designed for KST X-10 servos and the KST X-12 for the fuselage servos.



 Wing Span 2960mm
Length 1450mm
Wing Area 56.1 dm2
Tail Area 5.7 dm2
Aspect Ratio 15.54
Weight Starting @ 2100g
V-tail Angle 100°
FAI Area 61.8 dm2
Max FAI weight 4635g
CG 103.7mm