Servo Connector Kits

Servo Connector Kits
Servo Connector Kits

Create your own custom servo extensions!

Whether you need unusual length extensions for that custom build or would like to do a very neat wiring installation, where each lead is only as long as it needs to be, having high quality, crimp-on plug sets are a must. 

Our plug kits are universally compatible and standard in size. The plugs are made from high quality plastic and the crimp-on pins and receptacles are tinned brass with gold plated contacts.

The plugs kits work very well with our Servo Connector Crimping Tool and we also have a wide variety of servo wire by the yard.

Male and Female plugs sets are sold separately and contain enough parts to build 20 plugs each. If you are unsure as to whether you need to order Male or Female kits, our plug kits are listed as follows. 

Female plugs have Pins

Male plugs have Receptacles

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