SM Modell Bau Magnetic Speed Sensor

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A Hall Effect RPM sensor designed for use with the UniTest 2 or the UniLog 1&2. 

With this sensor and 2 magnets, RPM measurements are possible independent of light sources or the errors induced by artificial light. The magnets must be affixed to something connected to the motor shaft, such as on the back of, or the outer edge, of a spinner plate for example. The sensor comes with two magnets that need to be affixed 180° from each other. This will maintain prop shaft balance and provide accurate data to the UniLog or UniTest. The face of the Hall sensor is aligned to the face of the magnets with a maximum gap of 10 mm. The Hall sensor face is easy to see as it is a small SMD chip protruding from the sensor surface. On the opposite side of the sensor is an led that illuminates when magnet approaches the sensor. The light will not light if the wrong magnet pole is facing the sensor. This is useful in determining the correct magnet placement before installing them.

When connected to the UniLog 1 or 2 the sensor is automatically detected. When using this sensor with the UniTest 2 you will need to configure the UniTest 2 to read an external sensor instead of an internal one, via software.


  • Weight: 4.7g (.16oz)
  • Cable Length: 500mm (19.6in)
  • Sensor Dimensions: 12x6.6x4mm (.47x.25x.15in)
SM Modell Bau Magnetic Speed Sensor