Taranis Plus Black Out Kit by FrSky

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Give your X9D plus the black out look.

This kit provides all the parts needed to give your X9D Plus black accents. WE did notice that the included set screws do not fit the potentiometer knobs (they're too large). You will need to either use your stock knobs or source set screws which fit.

The kit includes:

  • 8 Black Rubber Switch Lever Covers
  • 8 Black Switch Nuts
  • 2 Black Potentiometer Knobs
  • 2 Black Potentiometer Nuts
  • 2 Black Gimbal Stick Ends
  • 1 Black Neck Strap Mount
  • 1 Black Transmitter Handle
  • 4 Set Screws ( 2 for StickEnd height adjustment / 2 for Potentiometer Knobs but unfortunately are too large)

NOTE: It would appear that FrSky has changed the top pots at some point in the long production run of the Taranis X9 radios. As a result, the nobs and nuts for the pots in this kit may not fit the pots in your radio. 

Taranis Plus Black Out Kit by FrSky
Taranis Plus Black Out Kit by FrSky