Momentary Pushbutton Switch

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Just in case you needed one.

  • Just in case you needed one, we have a momentary push button switch you can install into your transmitter. 

    The switch is configured in an "on/on" configuration. This allows you to wire the switch to conduct... 

    • Only when the button is pushed, 
    • Only when the button is not pushed 
    • Or conduct two different signals that have a common ground.

    This switch fits all FrSky transmitters except QX7. The switch mounting holes on the QX7 need to be opened up .4mm to makes these fit. 

    The switch stem can be shortened if you prefer the switch button to be closer to the transmitter housing.

    Comes with:

    • Switch
    • Black Push Button
    • Nut, Washer and Lock Washer


    • 3A @ 250V
    • 6A @ 120V