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R9 MM-FC (Omnibus F4 Fireworks V2)


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Omnibus F4 with integrated R9 MM receiver.

  • The R9 MM-FC (Omnibus F4 Fireworks V2) achieves stable flight performance using a ICM20608 gyro clocking at 32k, connected via the SPI bus to the F4 processor for high speed updates. The integrated R9 MM and gyro are removable and connected via a small ribbon cable; no soldering is required. Both the Rx and the gyro are protected in small plastic enclosures mounted to the board. This board has 5 UARTS, a barometer and an AB7456 OSD chip for running Betaflight OSD. The operating voltage is 3~6s Lipo. Other highlights include a Hall effect current sensor, a power filter and a built in PDB that achieves very low internal resistance (0.2-0.5mOhm) via the 12 layer PCB design.


    • Tantalum Capacitors can be added to the board (not included)
    • Solder pads added for VTX and Camera Control (next to Video pads)
    • The orientation of IMU FPC optimized
    • Gyro ribbon cable redesigned to fit without extending outside the board
    • Added an 8v BEC and LC Filter for the camera and VTX power
    • This board now has 5 UART ports


      • STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Betaflight firmware (supported from v3.2)
      • FrSky RXSR receiver in a protective case
      • ICM20608 communicating over SPI Bus in a protective case (optional MPU6000)
      • 30.5×30.5 mm mounting holes
      • Supports Lipo direct plug-in (3-6S)
      • Built-in sensor damper
      • Supports 5V 1A BEC output (Buck)
      • Supports 8V 1A BEC with LC filter output for the camera and VTX (Buck)
      • STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode (Betaflight OSD)
      • Built-in hall Current Sensor
      • Built-in Professional Level PDB
      • More caps to reduce power noise.