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All of the little things that help make this system so great! Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us and we can probably get it for you. Several items are only available from Aloft Hobbies.

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  1. FrSky LCD Mounting Arm

    Handy little mount for the FrSky LCD displays, or other items you may want to mount onto your radio.
  2. FrSky Smart Port harness for X4R and X4R-SB

    An easy to use Smart Port harness for the X4R receivers.
  3. FrSky Wire set from D4R-II (also fits X4R)

    Replacement wire set from the D4R-II receivers.
  4. FrSky DFT Empty Case

    An empty DFT case. Handy for projects that require a Futaba module case.
  5. FrSky DJT Empty Case

    An empty DJT case. Handy for projects that require a JR module case.
  6. Jumpers - FrSky

    FrSKY replacement jumpers for use with many receivers.
  7. FrSky Receiver Upgrade Lite (FUL-1)

    The FUL-1 allows you to upgrade the original D8R receiver.
  8. Whisker Antenna Mount

    A handy mount for whisker (wire) style receiver antennas.

    Starting at: $6.00

  9. X9E Module Bay Kit

    Change transmitter modules without removing the back cover!
  10. Transmitter Trays

    We have quality transmitter trays for a number of popular radios.

    Starting at: $50.00

  11. Make your own Taranis three axis gimbal.

    logo   A DIY three axis gimbal kit, for the Taranis.

  12. FrSky Redundancy Bus

    Sway the odds in your favor with the FrSky Redundancy Bus.
  13. FrSky X9E CNC Aluminium Retractable Arm Set

    logo  X9E Retractable CNC Aluminium Arm Set.

  14. Car Charger for X9D

     logo   Charge your Taranis X9D on the go.

  15. Car Charger for X9E

     logo   Charge your Taranis X9E on the go.

  16. FPV Monitor Mount for Taranis X9E

    A custom monitor mounting bracket for the Taranis X9E
  17. XSR Connection Cable

    Replacement wire set for the XSR receivers.

Set Descending Direction


18 Item(s)