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The FrSky long range system lets you go further.

Want more range from your FrSky system? These long range receivers are just the ticket. Allowing twice the range, or even more. This is a great way to extend your range without breaking your bank account. No need to buy new modules, if you have a FrSky XJT module or FrSky Taranis, then you are ready to step up to the FrSky Long Range system! Just bind in LR12 mode!  

Once again FrSky offers a very affordable, ground breaking system for a very reasonable price.

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FrSky Long Range

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  1. FrSky L9R - Long Range 9/12 Channel Receiver

    FrSky's L9R has about twice the range of any other 2.4 receiver on the market today! That is no small claim.
  2. FrSky L9R Replacement Antennas

    Replacement Antennas for the L9R Receiver.
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2 Item(s)