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Convert your existing radio over to the FrSky RF system and enjoy one of the most reliable RF systems available today!

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  1. FrSky DHT - DIY Telemetry Module

    Do It Yourself Telemetry Module - This is the transmitter module for you if you do not have a removable module on the back of your transmitter.
  2. FrSky DFT -Futaba Transmitter Telemetry Module

    Telemetry Module that fits many Futaba Transmitters.
  3. FrSky DJT - JR Transmitter Telemetry Module

    JR Telemetry Transmitter Module
  4. FrSky LCD Mounting Arm

    Handy little mount for the FrSky LCD displays, or other items you may want to mount onto your radio.
  5. FrSky XJT - JR/Graupner Type 16ch Duplex Transmitter Telemetry Module

    FrSky's newest JR style Telemetry Transmitter X-Module.
  6. FrSky Dashboard - Smart Port Data Display

    The Dashboard Smart Port Data Display connects to the XJT telemetry module and presents the telemetry data, sets alarms, adds speech, data logs, etc.
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6 Item(s)