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We offer a number of receivers to fit many applications, from tiny to huge, from glider to gas, FrSky has you covered. 

The X are the most common and highly recommended, they will bind in D16 mode and support a wide range of sensors. The S Series and Redundant receivers are subcategories of the X range.

Long Range receivers do exactly what you would think, they offer much greater range for those special missions, and can add dual frequency redundancy to your application for rock solid reliability.

The D series are an older offering from FrSky, they do not support many sensors and will bind in D8 mode they will not work with newer ACCESS transmitters. These receivers are ideal if you are using a FrSky DFT, DJT or DHT module in your radio.

The non telemetry (V8) series is an even older range of receivers that can save you a couple of bucks and will also bind in D8 mode, but you will need to follow the receiver instructions to place the receiver into telemetry emulation mode when binding.  These will not work with newer ACCESS transmitters.

We also offer high quality Futaba and HiTec compatible receivers. These can offer added features like CPPM and SBUS outputs for a very reasonable price.

Select a Category:

  • FrSky Archer

    FrSky Archer Series

    The Archer Series feature FrSky's newest ACCESS protocol, so make sure your transmitter supports ACCESS or you will not be able to talk with the Archers. 

    ACCESS brings several new features to FrSky radios. VFR telemetry reports packet loss data to better show the quality of the RF connection. OTA brings Over The Air firmware updating and binding (still in development) and all of the other great features we expect.

    Unless noted, these are all full range full telemetry receivers.

    F.Port - FrSky's evolution of S.Port. Think of it as SBus and S.Port rolled into a single port. So all your sensors and channel data can share a single data port. We will see more and more products based on F.Port in the future.

  • FrSky ACCST Receivers

    FrSky's ACCST (aka X series) receivers offer features like Smart Port (a hub-less sensors technology), SBUS outputs, and advanced safety features like memory lock so your model is locked to a single model memory. No more crashes because you forgot to change model memories!

    Compatible with all FrSky transmitters and the XJT module. Receivers that feature telemetry can be connected to the Smart Port sensors. Telemetry receivers feature built in receiver bus voltage and signal strength feedback for much safer model operation.

    When binding an X series receiver, set your radio to D16 mode.(Not compatible with DFT, DJT, DHT or DHT-U modules.) 

    NOTE: ACCST comes in the original Ver. 1 form that was the standard for many years, and in 2019 a potential weakness was identified and Ver. 2 was introduced to fix this issue. If you update to ACCST V2.X, you will need to update all transmitters and receivers to be able to talk to one another. For example, a Ver. 1 receiver will not bind to a Ver. 2 transmitter. They must be on the same version.

  • Power Distribution

    Power distribution becomes very important as soon as we are asking our radio to pass 10 amps or more to the servos. Simply put, the small servo connectors in our hobby are not designed to pass this many amps. It would be easy enough to use a different connector, but the reality is that almost no receivers in the hobby is designed to carry more than 10 amps. It is not uncommon for a single modest sized servo to draw more than an amp when working hard, now mutliply that by the number of servos in your plane, and you will see how quick these amp loads add up. The bigger the specs are on the servo, the more power it will need.

    Power Distribution devices become are designed to carry more amps, and often times have a host of safety features to protect the radio system from a single point of failure.

  • FrSky Long Range

    The FrSky long range system lets you go further.

    Want more range from your FrSky system? These long range receivers are just the ticket. 

    L Series ReceiversThis is a great way to extend your range without breaking your bank account. No need to buy new modules, if you have a FrSky XJT module or FrSky transmitter, then you are ready to step up to the FrSky Long Range system! Just bind in LR12 mode! 

    R Series ReceiversThis is the 900mHz system from FrSky. If you are really looking to push the range, or just having too many issues with 2.4gHz, than the R9 system will do the trick. The 900mHz has many advantages over 2.4, it is able to bend around obstacles and penetrate things that would completely block 2.4. Requires an R9 module for your radio to use this new system. Range can be measured in miles.

  • FrSky Vintage Receivers

    Here you will find receivers that can talk in D8 mode. These are getting pretty old and hard to find. Once they are gone we will not be able to get more.

  • Futaba Compatible


    FrSky for your Futaba system!

    You can enjoy the quality and reliability of FrSky on your Futaba radio, and save a bunch on money too.