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FrSky's ACCST (aka X series) receivers offer features like Smart Port (a hub-less sensors technology), SBUS outputs, and advanced safety features like memory lock so your model is locked to a single model memory. No more crashes because you forgot to change model memories!

Compatible with all FrSky transmitters and the XJT module. Receivers that feature telemetry can be connected to the Smart Port sensors. Telemetry receivers feature built in receiver bus voltage and signal strength feedback for much safer model operation.

When binding an X series receiver, set your radio to D16 mode.(Not compatible with DFT, DJT, DHT or DHT-U modules.) 

NOTE: ACCST comes in the original Ver. 1 form that was the standard for many years, and in 2019 a potential weakness was identified and Ver. 2 was introduced to fix this issue. If you update to ACCST V2.X, you will need to update all transmitters and receivers to be able to talk to one another. For example, a Ver. 1 receiver will not bind to a Ver. 2 transmitter. They must be on the same version.

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15 Item(s)