How to pick your next FrSky transmitter

One of the great things about FrSky is they do not dumb down their radios. All of the radios have the same core features and number of channels. This allows you to pick the style you like the best. 

So what are the differences? 

We like to break it down by screens. FrSky offers two LCD displays, Large and Small and they have two larger Color displays, one with touch screen. The small displays are in the Xlite and X9 Lite and Q X7 radios, the Large LCD is in the X9D and X9E radios, and the large Color display is in the X10 and X12 radios while the large color touch screen is on the X20 transmitters. 

The other changes are the number of switches and input devices.

All of the radios can run on OpenTX except the X20. 

This is a very powerful programming environment. We like to say: If you can think of it, OpenTX can probably do it! The X10 and X12 radios come with a menu driven system called FrOS, some find it easier to use, but if you want the power OpenTX you install it onto the radio! Yes, you have choices!

The X20 transmitters run the new Ethos firmware, a new development excliusive to FrSky. Think of it as an easier to manage OpenTX.

All of the FrSky radios also have an open module bay on the back. This allows the system to be expanded even further! If you would like to set up a dual frequency system, no problem. If you would like to use a different RF system to work with bind and fly aircraft, OK. Many options thanks to this expansion bay!

FrSky does not include much in the way of instructions, so at Aloft we offer a wonderful professionally written series of manuals. One for each screen size. We do our best to keep these manuals up to date with any changes with OpenTX and FrSky. We highly recommend these manuals for everyone, new or not.

We hope this helps you pick your next transmitter. Questions, please feel free to ask!

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