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This category contains devices that work with SBUS and or CPPM data streams. 

What is SBUS? It is a digital output that carries all available channels in a single connection. In the case of FrSky gear, this means you can have all 16 channels with a single connection.

What is CPPM? It is very similar to SBUS, but it only carries 8 channels and is an analog signal. SBUS is superior to CPPM.

Why use either of these? They are great for flight controllers in multi rotors and helicopters, but they can also be used with fixed wing aircraft. One great way to use them is to add more PWM (Pulse Width Modulation, normal servo outputs) channels to a receiver. For example, the FrSky X8R receiver has 8 PWM outputs, you can use a channel decoder to add 4 more outputs. 

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8 Item(s)