FrSky offers two types of sensors. 

The X series have Smart Port and work with the X series receivers, no hub is needed. Just plug in the sensor and you are ready to use it, want to add another sensor, just plug it into the last sensor. Sensors can be in any order.

The D series sensors work with the older D series receivers and may require the use of a hub. These sensors are largely discontinued at this point.

There are a few sensors that work with both series. The basic voltage sensor will work with most all of the X series receivers (not the X8R). The varios can be used with either series. 

Select a Category:

  • FrSky D Series Sensors

    Sensors for use with the FrSky D series receivers. These are hub based sensors that typically are used with the D4R-II and D8R (II-+, or XP) receivers.

  • FrSky Smart Port Sensors

    FrSky's Smart Port allows you to daisy-chain multiple sensors together to meet your needs. This results in less clutter and gives the freedom to design the system you need, not what a hub will allow. 

    Requires a Smart Port equipped receiver such as the X or Archer series from FrSky. 

  • Altimeters GPS Data Logging

    A mix of units that can track a flight or monitor your altitude, some will turn a motor off once you reach a preset altitude and are FAI legal for contest use.
  • SM Modell Bau

    SM Modell Bau offers a wide range of high quality German made ensors for use with most popular radios systems available today. By default they are configured for use with FrSky, but they can be set to work with the following: Jeti Duplex, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner HoTT, Futaba, JR DMSS, and Spektrum (using spektrum adapters). 

    These sensors offer excellent features and small packaging. They offer some really nice items like magnetic, brushless or optical RPM sensors, 400 amp current sensors, or the super cool TEK (total energy compensation) vario nozzle that takes elevator inputs out of your vario data. 

    The Unisense is really a neat product that offers: voltage, current, power, wattage, watt hrs, brushless motor RPM, altitude and vario. That is a lot in a tiny package!