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We offer a selection of servos that we think you will be very pleased to fly with. Regardless of your budget, we should have a servo for your needs.

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  • Corona

    Corona servos have become a venerable servo brand, providing quality servos at a fair price. Many pilots have made the move to Corona from budget servos when they needed a higher quality affordable servo. We have even heard that some pilots are using Corona DS843MG's in their Dynamic Soaring ships and they have been reliable. 

  • Emax Servos

    Emax makes some nice servos for very fair prices. We have been impressed with the quality and features of their servos.
  • JR Servos

    Popular servos from JR

  • KST Servos

    KST Packs a lot of performance into a very nice price. If you have not tried KST yet, you are missing out. You will find that you get an excellent servo for less money than the big guys charge.

  • MKS

    Aloft Hobbies is happy to offer the excellent MKS line of servos!

    If you do not see the MKS item you are looking for, please contact us as we should be able to help you find it.

  • Power HD Servos

    Power HD offers a number of unique servos, the tiny DSM44 or the much larger offerings, you will enjoy a high quality servo with a very good price.
  • Servo Frames

    We offer a selection of high quality servo trays to fit most any need or budget. Trays improve performance and make maintenance much easier. 

    Here is a nice little video that shows off the new IDS style trays:

  • Servo Parts

    Gears, arms and accessories for servos. 

    If you do not see the parts you need, please contact us as we can probably get them for you.