RaGG-e WBX5 Racing Frame

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Racing Frames Designed & Built in the UK

RaGG-e WBX5 Racing Frame

RaGG-e WBX 5 Racing Frame Blk/Wht/Blk

RaGG-e WBX5 Racing Frame

RaGG-e WBX 5 Racing Frame Wht/Blk/Wht

  • Welcome to Ragg-e Frames, a british company offering state of the art, high quality racing frames. Expertly milled from ultra-tough HDPE plastic, with unique design features that not only catch the eye, but function to reduce overall weight & increase air flow. These units are able to accommodate a multitude of commonly used components, giving you the freedom to build a serious contender for both the racing and freestyle scenes.

    RaGG-e WBX5, 205mm, True X-Frame made of HDPE plastic offers the builder various options for component layout. The 200mm HDPE frame offers durability and unparalleled strength. The frame protects the vital components in an enclosed shell without restricting component selection. The design is intended to be modular so it can grow with you. We have the frames in two different colors. Black with white inside or white with black inside.

    This frame is designed for 5" props and up to 22 size motors.

    Here's a video of a maiden flight that might inspire you...


    Frame Specifications:

    • Materials: 12.7 HDPE plastic
    • Fasteners: Stainless Steel
    • Size: 205mm diagonally, 145mm wide
    • Maximum Propeller: 5"
    • Motor Mount: M3 6mm
    • Flight Controller Mount: Kiss, Naze, or CC3D
    • Weight 152g