Replacement Soldering Tips XT60 Portable Iron

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Value pack of 5 different tips for our XT60 portable iron.

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2C 3
4C 12
3.2D 7
5 Pack 40
  • A nice collection of 5 unique soldering tip styles that fit our XT60 portable, battery powered soldering iron. 

    Sold in packages of 5. One piece of each tip style.

    Sold Individually while supplies last.

    • T1 - Fine needle tip
    • 2C - 45° Elliptical with 2mm face
    • 4C - 45° Elliptical with 4mm face
    • 1.6D - Chisel Tip with 1.6mm faces
    • 3.2D - Chisel Tip with 3.2mm faces
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