Revoc Double Point Pro Transmitter Harness

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  • Neck straps are, well, a pain in the neck. A transmitter harness is far more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Here is another one, that we really like.

    The Revoc Double Pro harness has a five-point adjustment system that allows you to tailor the harness to your body shape. The shoulder straps are 40mm wide and now have comfy shoulder pads. The straps terminate in hiking gear quality buckles. Another new feature of the pro harness is the addition of an adjustable front strap between the metal rings, further enhancing comfort and fit. The back pad has a durable nylon outer shell, a layer of padding and finally a layer of breathable nylon mesh. The harnesses double point connection straps are terminated with metal hooks that securely clip into the metal loops on your transmitter. 

    NOTE: The clips on this harness may be too large to fit your transmitter. You may need to add a ring to each clip allowing connection to your particular radio.