Revoc Trans Double Harness

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Regular Price: $40.00

Special Price $28.60

A very comfortable double harness for your R/C transmitter.

  • We wanted to offer you the best harness we could find, and this is one. Revoc has gone to great lengths to make a very comfortable, fully adjustable, and very function radio harness. The Revoc double harness works great with radio trays which have 2 attachment points. If you would like to use this with a single point system, we also sell a small adapter which converts this to a single point harness.

    If you currently use a normal neck strap, you will love this double harness! It takes the pain away!

    The back panel is available in your choice of colors. 

    NOTE: The clips on this harness are too large to fit the FrSky radios, a ring will need to be added to the FrSky attachment points for this harness to clip onto.