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RTF Braivo Progress Standard Layup

Ready to Fly.. Competition Level Performance.. World Class Craftsmanship.

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  • Receiver readyI 

    Progress Standard Layup (app. 255 grams AUW)

    Sometimes it's just worth paying a little extra to save time. The RTF Progress just needs a receiver and a battery and you can go fly.

    Thoughtfully designed and executed, Braivos Progress DLG's are exceptional performers and are no strangers to podium finishes in Europe. The build quality on these birds is excellent and close observation reveals the manufacturers attention to detail.

     I just cant say enough about these ships, we are very happy to be carrying them.

    Wing Bags are included!

    The ballast kit is optional and can be found here.

    Wingspan 1.5m / 58"
    Over all Length1m / 39.25"
    Weightapproximately 255g / 8.9 oz RTF
    Battery1s LiPo  600 -1000mAh
    Servos 4pcs KST X08H Installed


    This is the servo tray with one of the optional ballast slugs installed.