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We are excited to introduce the Stribog.

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  • The Stribog is an F3F/F3B competition level plane created by RTGModel. The craftsmanship of the Stribog is gorgeous and the design is well thought out and exemplifies solid engineering. Much of the kits detail work has already been taken care of, for instance, the tow hook, ballast tube, V-Tail control horns, a very nicely molded servo tray.  Even the metal wire tabs that hold the canopy on, have all been pre-installed, allowing the builder to focus on the all important task of control system installation and setup.

    The Stribog's fuselage is molded using the bladder method and is comprised mostly of carbon fiber with exception of the nose which is fabricated from 2.4Ghz friendly kevlar. The 2.86m wings sport a Norbert Habe airfoil and are constructed of spread tow carbon fiber, double layup. The ailerons and flaps have been hinged in such a way that the control surfaces are tapered longitudinally. Thin at both the wing tip and the root and widest at the center of the wing where both of the servos are located. This tapering increases torsional rigidity of the control surfaces, effectively safeguarding against flutter. The control surfaces are connected to the servos through a very cleverly designed "roll drive" that provides a very solid link between the control surface and the servo.  Both the wings and the V-Tails come with wing bags and the fuselage comes loaded with 895 grams of stainless steel ballast slugs.

    As I have just touched upon the salient points of the Stribog I will leave you, my fellow pilot, with some links that you can use to gather more information and understanding on the benefits of this aircraft.

    Stribog F3F flight photos

    Photos of all the parts included in the kit

    Roll drive detail pics

    In flight video

    Airfoil HN Modified
    Wingspan 2867mm (112.9in)
    RTF Weight 2100 - 3900g / 4500g full ballast (74 -137oz) /158oz
    Fuselage Length 1463mm (57.6in)