RXSR FC Omnibus F4 V6


RXSR FC Omnibus F4 V6 with integrated R-XSR

  • The F4 V6 FC rocks with an MPU6000 gyro which is connected via SPI to the F4 for high speed updates. The integrated R-XSR is removable via a small ribbon cable (no soldering). Both the Rx and the gyro are protected in a small plastic enclosure mounted to the board. This board has 5 UARTS, a barometer and an AB7456 chip for use with Betaflight OSD. The operating voltage of the F4 V6 is 3~6s Lipo. 


    • RXSR Integrated Receiver
    • STM32 F4 Processor
    • MPU6000 Gyro via SPI
    • BMP280 Barometer
    • Integrated Betaflight OSD
    • 5 UART Ports
    • Direct plugin 3-6S Lipo
    • Built in LC Filter
    • 5V 1000mA BEC
    • 8V 1000mA BEC
    • More caps to reduce gyro power noise.


    • STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Betaflight firmware (supported from v3.2)
    • FrSky RXSR receiver in protection box
    • MPU6000 over SPI Bus
    • 30.5×30.5 mm mounting holes
    • Supports Lipo direct plug-in (3-6S)
    • Supports 5V 1A BEC output (Buck)
    • Supports 8V 1A BEC with LC filter output for the camera and VTX (Buck)
    • STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode (Betaflight OSD)