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RXSR-FC OMNINXT F7 with integrated RXSR receiver.

  • The FrSky RXSR-FC (OMNINXT F7) has been developed based on the newly designed NXT architecture. It has an integrated RXSR receiver mounted in a protective box. For orientation this flight controller uses the venerable MPU6000 Gyro up to 8kHz but also has an ICM20608 mounted in a padded/protective case. The damped protective case allows the ICM20608 to run perfectly with a 32k loop time. The NXT also comes with 2 different BECs and 6 UARTs.

    The RXSR-FC (OMNINXT F7) supports 3-6s Lipo direct input, a built-in BEC for camera / VTX and a Power Filter. This FC is designed to be paired with 4in1 ESCs through a SH1.0 8P socket but also retains signal pads for connection of individual ESCs.


    • RXSR Receiver
    • STM32 F7 MCU Processor
    • Gyro #1: MPU6000 8kHz
    • Gyro #2: ICM20608 32kHz
    • Integrated PDB & OSD (SPI/DMA)
    • 6UART Ports
    • Direct plug-in 3-6S Lipo
    • 5V 1000mA BEC
    • 8V 1000mA BEC with LC filter
    • 3V max. 200mA


    • F7 MCU processor
    • FrSky RXSR receiver protected in a box
    • Two onboard gyros: MPU6000 for sampling up to 8khz and ICM20608 for sampling up to 32khz
    • 30.5×30.5mm Mounting holes
    • Supports 3-6S Lipo directly from battery
    • More caps to reduce power noise
    • Built-in sensor damper
    • Built-in 5V 1A BEC output (Buck)
    • Built-in 8V 1A BEC with LC filter output for the camera and VTX (Buck)
    • STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode (Betaflight OSD)
    • Port for easy connection of 4-in-1 esc's (SH1.0 8P)
    • Solder pads added for VTXand Camera Control (next to Video pads)