S 800 Sky Shadow Kit w/ electronics

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A beginner FPV wing, beautifully designed, robustly constructed and affordable.

  • The S800 Sky Shadow kit is very complete, you only need a battery and a receiver to get it into the air it. The S800 has been flown by a large number of people and is enjoying a steadily growing fan base. 

    First off, we love this airframe! The design is well thought out, and has been constructed of tough and bouncy, EPP goodness. The airframe parts fit together snugly and the numerous carbon-fiber hatch covers are machined so well they actually friction fit into their respective hatches. The hatches and covers are themselves a feature, as the designers have moulded threaded brass inserts into the hatch openings so that the hatch covers are held in place with machine screws, pretty sweet! Oh yeah, in addition to that the VTX covers are vented, allowing the high pressure air under the wings to push up past the VTX, cooling it, and finally venting out of the top of the wing, through the antenna hole; clever.

    The parts kit for finishing off the airframe is very detailed and complete. All of the carbon reinforcements needed to complete the airframe are included, as are all of the detail bits such as control horns and pushrods, a battery strap and even a plywood battery tray.

    Now let us talk electronics. This kit is extremely well priced when you consider how complete it is, however to meet this price point, the manufacturer has had to use budget components. As a result the electronics package is considered entry level and has been designed to give the FPV new comer a taste of this exciting facet of the RC hobby. For those who have more experience we recommend purchasing the "S800 airframe only kit" and adorning it with components that suit who you are as a pilot. 

    All said, this is a lot of kit, for not a lot of money. 

    The model is an intermediate build and can be completed in a few evenings by builders with some previous experience. Not to say that it could not be completed by the passionate beginner who has an aptitude for research. 

     Almost everything you need to complete the kit has been included with the exception of a battery, and a receiver (see links below).

    What comes in the box:

    •  2 Wings
    •  Fuselage
    •  Wing Tips
    •  Nose Block
    •  Main Hatch Cover
    •  2  Emax ES08A Servos
    •  3-Axis Flight Control
    •  Flight Control PDB
    •  BEC
    •  2205 2300KV Motor
    •  4-6045 Propellers
    •  700TVL Camera
    •  200mW VTX
    •  20A ESC
    •  1 Sticker Set
    •  User Manual
    170 grams (airframe only)
    3 channels with Elevon mixing
    9 gram x 2
    Max 1800mah 3s
    20 - 30 A
    2204/2300kv - 2205/2300kv
    Max 6045  (5045-6045)

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