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SERA - Sailing 1.5m by Cassiopeia

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It's got more than great looks. Slope it. Sail it. Power it. SAL it. Most importantly; Fly It!
  • Introducing the SERA SAILING produced by Japanese manufacturer Cassiopeia. 

    The SERA SAILING is a very light, well constructed, full house, sailplane that flies as well as it looks! We're not kidding, this 60" ship tracks like it's on rails, to use a familiar parlance. The SERA S, as I will refer to it from here on, has a wide speed range for such a light ship. It can be pretty speedy when your needy or slow it down and float around. Our experience with the plane has yielded no bad habits. It really is easy to fly. Flying Aerobatics with it (which it does very well) we found the rudder to be very effective and the flaps do a great job of providing extra camber and braking. On our first slope outing we got it up in the air, pulled a little flap and parked it the sky and watched as it sat nearly perfectly still. Experiencing it's gentle characteristics we realized this ship is a great one to learn flap handling on. 

    Here's a build thread you can check out.

    Want to see it fly? 

    OK now that I've got the flattery out of the way let's talk shop.

    The SERA S is a 1.5 meter sailplane that sports a lightweight balsa built up wing and fuselage construction. The plane can be built as an electric glider, a pure glider or it can be set up for side arm launching (SAL). The wings are fully sheeted with the exception of some minimal lightening holes, making the SERA S a little tougher than a typical film over open rib thermal ship. The SERA S sports ailerons, flaps and a V-Tail. The flaps and ailerons are controlled by independent servos allowing full featured mixing; full span ailerons, snap flaps, crow/butterfly etc. The servo pockets are precut and the control surface hinges are pre-installed. 

    The entire unit feels good in the hand, not too soft or flexy and light as a feather. Something to keep in mind is to keep this plane as light as possible when fitting it out. Lighter equals better performance and better crash survivability. 

    In the small bits department the kit comes with control horns, carbon tubes and rods for joining and retaining the wing. Servo trays (pre-installed), velcro and the SAL parts. The SAL parts consist of a screw and short piece of silicone tubing, a wire with a loop on the end and a fin that gets glued underneath the V-Tail.   An assembly manual (with decal set) is included. The manual is written in Japanese but has clear pictures that will guide all but the newest builders to a successful outcome. 

    Span1500mm (59.06in)
    Length830mm (32.6in)
    Wing Area19dm2 (294.5in2)
    All Up Weight420g (14.8oz) Glider / 620g (21.8oz) Electric 
    Motor150w approx
    No of Servos6
    ControlsAil, Flp, Rud, Ele
    Battery3s 450mAh approx for glider
    3s 700 - 900mah approx for electric glider