Shipping FAQ

Your packages are important to us!

We try to ship all orders the same day or the following morning when possible. (Except holidays and weekends.) Occasionally an order may have payment issues and can not be shipped right away. Orders that require complex packing like airplanes, carbon fiber tubes and laminating film may be delayed during very busy shipping periods so that we can give your package better care.

Shipping can be rough, so all orders are shipped in a box with ample padding. The only item we ship in a padded envelope is a manual.

Free Domestic Shipping

If your order subtotal is $80 or more and shipping within the USA, you should see the free shipping option. About 90% of our products are eligible for free shipping, the major exception is large or long items. Some examples of items currently not offering free shipping:

  • 1 Meter lengths of Carbon Fiber
  • Wood over 20" in length
  • Most Aircraft
  • The longer KNS metal products
  • & similarly sized products.

If an item is not available for free shipping is added to a cart that would otherwise offer free shipping, it will negate the free shipping option. Sadly this is a limitation of our website.

Large Packages

Aircraft and other large packages may require extra shipping beyond what our site estimates. Our shipping calculator does not take package size into consideration. This can greatly alter the charges for a shipment. We will contact you if this should occur for your shipment.

International customers purchasing a plane will probably run into box size limitations and huge expenses. Please contact us as we may be able to drop ship the large item to you and save hundreds of dollars in shipping! 

Shipping Methods 

We offer a variety of shipping options to meet your needs. Some methods are may not be available for your order based on domestic or international addresses.


  • Ground (AKA Home) - 1 week or less - Traditional ground FedEx service. FedEx handles the package from start to finish with good tracking.
  • Priority Services - We offer a number of options, these cost a fair amount but if you need the order shipped out fast this is your best bet. Great tracking and guaranteed delivery. If you want to ship via this method, your order must be placed by 3pm PST. Please contact us if you want to ship an aircraft via this method as we do require extra time to carefully pack all aircraft. It is not unusual for us to spend 45 minutes packing your plane.


  • First Class Mail - This is our most popular shipping method. It is available for small orders. Transit times are typically a couple of days depending on how far away we are shipping. We have seen a few  local packages delivered the same day, and East Coast packages usually arrive in less than a week. Decent tracking.
  • Priority Mail - If a package is too heavy for First Class, then it is bumped up to the better Priority Service. You will enjoy quicker delivery times, especially for East Coast shipments, typically 1 - 3 days. 
  • Priority Express Mail - In all honesty we do not see much reason to use this shipping method domestically.  The Post office claims quicker shipping times but we honestly have not seen an improvement. We suggest you save your money and go with the Priority Mail option instead. For International customers, there is improved tracking and quicker delivery.

Shipping Damage and Lost Shipments

Despite our best efforts sometimes the shipping companies manage to break things. If you notice damage to your shipment, always have the delivery person make note as it will make any damage claims much easier. Upon discovery of any shipping damage please contact us ASAP so we can resolve the issue and work with the carrier. Damage reports must be given within 10 days of delivery. This deadline is the result of insurance requirements.

Post Office regulations require the following deadlines for claims. If you claim is outside this window we will not be able to file a claim. Damaged or Missing Contents - Your claim can be submitted immediately, but no later than 60 days from the mailing date.

Lost Items - Most claims can be submitted 15-60 days after the mailing date. However, Priority Mail Express™ customers can submit claims for lost items 7-60 days after the mailing date.

APO/FPO Priority Mail Express™ Military Service - Claims can be submitted 21-180 days from the mailing date.

APO/FPO First-Class Mail®, SAM, or PAL - Claims can be submitted 45-365 days after the mailing date.

APO/FPO Surface Only - Claims can be submitted 75-365 days from the mailing date.

International Orders

We are adding countries to our shipping profiles all the time. If yours is not listed, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you. (

We will do our best to fit your order into a small box to keep shipping expenses as low as possible. This may require removing products from packaging. Please note, the site may underestimate shipping on larger orders. If it does, we will get in contact with you to see how you would like to proceed. Larger items like most airplane kits can not ship via First Class, nor a Small Priority box.

If the quote from the site looks high, please feel free to contact us as we can probably figure out a way to ship to you using an affordable method. 

WARNING - Any shipments via First Class International will have no insurance. Aloft Hobbies can not guarantee your package will actually arrive, and we can not offer replacement shipments or refunds for lost shipments. By requesting these lower priced shipping options you agree to assume all risks involved.

Local Pickup

Yes, we also offer a FREE local pickup option. This option is available if you plan to stop by our location. We prefer that you prepay for the order when using this option. Please contact us so we know the delivery plan for your order. Your order will be pulled right away, and we ask that it is picked up within one week.